Vehicle Preparation Centre Services

To be a notable automotive service provider for the automotive industry

Among the largest yard management service provider in Malaysia providing tailored services with great emphasis towards customers’ satisfaction

Vehicle Preparation Centre Services

DHAS provides complete yard management services at our Vehicle Preparation Centre (VPC) starting from receiving inspection to vehicle delivery to dealers.

Service provided at Vehicle Preparation Centres (VPC)

dhas Joint inspection activity

Joint inspection activities

dhas Bonded storage

Bonded storage

dhas Accessories Installation

Accessories Installation

dhas ZB1 transfer & storage

ZB1 transfer and storage

dhas Car Carrier

Pre-Delivery Inspection

dhas Fuel refuelling

Fuel refuelling

dhas Long storage Vehicle Maintenance

Long Storage Vehicle Maintenance

dhas Tinting installation

Tint installation

dhas Repair & paint touch-up

Repair and paint touch-up

dhas CBU container stuffing for export

CBU container stuffing for export

dhas Washing & polishing

Washing and polishing

dhas CBU container unstuffing for import

CBU container unstuffing for import