DHAS CSR Initiatives “Warung Makan Sahabat”

As part of DHAS’ CSR initiatives, DHAS had the opportunity to volunteer at Warung Makan Sahabat, a soup kitchen based at Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. DHAS staff took part in preparing, cooking, packing and distributing foods for the needy and underprivileged members of the community in the area. Menu of the day were White Rice with Ayam Goreng Kunyit, Sambal Belacan and Kangkung Goreng Belacan, served to about 200 people. Before the foods were distributed, a tazkirah was delivered by Ustaz MK Azman on the importance of health and hygiene in daily life. Besides the manpower contribution, DHAS also contributed RM10,000 money donation to Warung Makan Sahabat.

Warung Makan Sahabat operates Tuesday to Sunday by Yayasan Amal Malaysia, whose office located upstairs of the Warung Makan Sahabat kitchen. Aside from the soup kitchen, Yayasan Amal Malaysia conducts Islamic and Quran classes daily and have helped 71 people to convert into Islam. They also provide food and basic necessities aid to asnaf such as rice, flour, sugar and baby diapers.