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DRB-HICOM Auto Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (DHAS), a subsidiary of DRB-HICOM Berhad was incorporated on 22 March 2006.  Our vision is to be a notable automotive service provider for the automotive industry.

DHAS provides end-to-end logistics solutions for the automotive industry from the importation of CBU vehicles and CKD kits, forwarding and clearance, vehicle yard management, Pre-Delivery Inspection and final delivery to dealer networks as well as warehouse management.

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Motivational Program 2024 (2 days 1 night) Group 3

3rd Session (Working with your heart)   Transformasi Organisasi dan Insan Berintegriti [TOIB] Ibnu Saghir. Terima kasih kepada DHAS Management utk ketiga-tiga sesi yang penuh dengan pengisian yang…
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First Trade Plate Delivery for MAN

First trade plate business for MAN, 2 units prime mover, delivery from body builder @ Sungai Petani to MAN Sales Penang. Previous Next
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Sembang Kopi Bersama CEO – Pekan Session

Sembang Kopi session with DHAS Pekan staff successfully held at Ancasa Royale Hotel, Pekan Pahang Previous Next
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Moving Forward From COVID-19

dhas Create covid task force
COVID-19 Task Force was formed
dhas monitoring sop
Implementation and monitoring SOPS according to KKM guidelines
dhas fully vaccineted
DHAS employees are vaccinated
dhas split team arrangement
Split teams work schedule for non-operation employees
dhas flexible working hours
Flexible working hours for non-operation employees
dhas meeeting through online
Organize meeting with customer through online platform
dhas self test covid
RTK-AG self test every 2 weeks
dhas upgrading from desktop to laptop
Technology upgrade such as desktop to laptop
dhas Hygiene protocol
Increased hygiene protocols at workplace area